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Mountain Biking Tour in Nepal

It has some of the most breathtaking, yet challenging terrain in the world – and for the aspiring adventurer, it is irresistible. Nepal is truly a treasure trove of natural wonders, from its majestic mountains to the picturesque forests, valleys, and fields which grace its floor. And across its otherworldly climes are the ancient cities with their beautiful temples and lively marketplaces, welcoming all to come and experience a unique taste of Nepali life. What better way to traverse this enticing landscape than by Mountain Biking?

The Roof of the World

Though its legacy as the highest region in the world has forged an incredible history of Sherpas, trekkers, and explorers braving its slopes, Nepal's landscape isn't all rugged terrain and treacherous climes. Its diverse natural wilderness means that cyclists of all levels can enjoy what the country has to offer, whether it is an intrepid hill climb or a more leisurely ride in the peaceful rhododendron forests. Travelers can also gain a unique perspective into the myriad markets of cities and hilltop towns like Dhulikhel and Nagarkot exploring by bicycle – making for some truly astounding and memorable group tours.

From the elegant temples and palaces to picturesque riverside villages, there is something to enthrall every taste and level. Marathon cyclists can journey as far as Pokhara from Kathmandu Valley, or spend more time admiring the Annapurna vista while mountain biking through Chitwan National Park, one of the most famous sites in the region. Here, cyclists can hop off their bikes and engage in several other outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to nature watching and much, much more.

Many cyclists who choose to go via a tour group will have the chance to cover a large amount of land each day (depending on fitness and skill level) as well as relax and recoup, take in the sites, and have a chance to meet some truly remarkable people. It is the perfect opportunity to make that mountain biking holiday dream come true and see some of the most incredible historic and natural destinations that the Roof of the World has to offer.

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