Naturally Nepal...Trekking in


Nepal is widely known as the paradise with the Naturally and a country of great beauty and visual varieties with the altitude of 70m above the sea level in the south and about 8848m height of Mt. Everest in the north. Nepal has, therefore, diversity in altitude that has reflected to our unique culture.

Nepal is famous in the world for its natural beauty, shining mountains, green valley and beautiful green places with terraced farmlands and hilly foot trails and the forests full of rare wild lives including the lordly tiger, one- horn rhinoceros. The religious homogeneity is next unique feature for Nepal. The exquisite art and architecture of Nepal is reflected in artistic ingenuity and the religious tradition of people as well. The beautiful lakes and springs can be considered as the main remarkable aspects of the country and plants like orchids and rhododendrons are as scenic as you can imagine.

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