Janai Purnima- The festival of Sacred Thread

posted by SuRya MaGar on August 18, 2016

Nepal is a country of having vibrant cultures and colorful festivals. Among them Janai Purnima is celebrated usually in the month of Shrawan- Bhadra (July- August) on full moon day. This festival is widely celebrated all around the Nepal although it varies from different parts of Nepal. This day is even commonly known as a Rakshya Bandan.

During this festival, Brahmin and Chettris (Castes of Nepal) men replace their Janai (a sacred thread put around from the left shoulder) and mostly common people tie Doro (sacred thread) from Hindu Priest, Brahmin as a symbol of protection from fear and diseases. In order to have this Doro, every people visit nearby Hindu temple.

This festival is celebrated as a Rakshya Bandan in the southern part of Nepal. Every sister put Rakshya Bandan to their brother’s wrist wishing and praying for the well being and long life. This signifies the sister’s love and relationship with the brothers.

This day is observed even for the day of eating Kwati (mixed with different kinds of beans) by making hot soup, which would be good for health too.

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