Enjoy a Community Based Tourism Holiday in Nepal

posted by Tilak Thapa Magar on August 23, 2016

Nepal's stunning landscapes and historic landmarks are just a few of the images which come to mind when the “Roof the World” is mentioned to a traveler stricken with wanderlust. But like many trekkers who crave an off-the-beaten-track experience, more and more people are hungering for a different kind of journey in Nepal – one which isn't about entangled tourist destinations and booming resorts. Instead, many individuals, families and friends alike are exploring Nepal through community-based tourism, a first-hand account of life in the Himalayas.

Community-based tourism is built on the principle of experiencing a locale in an authentic and grass-roots way, while immediately benefiting the people in the surrounding community – much like the defining principles of ecotourism. Travelers are welcomed into the homes of the community or locally-managed accommodation, purchase locally-made goods and use local tour operators. This means that the eco-savvy tourist not only gets to contribute to ethical and sustainable economies, but they also get a taste of Nepal which eludes the big resorts and hotels.

Home Away from Home

Imagine waking up before a blazing sunrise cast across silhouetted peaks only partly shrouded by morning mist; the first prayers and meditations of the day echo across tranquil valleys, and your senses are awakened to breathtaking natural wonders. Imagine the scent of freshly-cooked breakfasts, served with warmth from the people who have opened up their world to you. Imagine spending your day side by side with these same people as you come to know the customs and traditions which make this way of life so unique. In a country as harsh yet beautiful as Nepal, the only way to truly savor the experience is to live among its people.

The opportunities are endless. Whether it is an expedition into the Himalayas, a visit to a Buddhist temple, perusing the markets or simply watching the horizon pass through its daily phases, everything you could dream of doing in Nepal is at your fingertips – only on a much more intimate, tangible level. Explore the Roof of the World by following in the footsteps of Nepal's people, and enjoy a community-based holiday unlike no other.

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